Our variety of private city tours

Complement your stay individual with an exclusive private tour through Dresden or discover the city with a guide on the second glance.

You are welcome to enhance your stay with the following program points. We arrange individual tours to further interesting facets of Dresden with our concierge Ulrike Beyrich or our exclusive partner eTukTours.

Theme suggestions

Dresden Residenzschloss - Foto Konstanze Schneider

How do you celebrate a state wedding?

During this 2 hour guided tour with our concierge Ulrike Beyrich you will learn something about the planet festivals of August the Strong on the occasion of the marriage of his son Friedich August to the emperor's daughter Maria Josepha von Habsburg 300 years ago. Over three weeks, the crème de la crème of the most important aristocratichouses in Europe celebrated the "Constellatio Felix" in Dresden together.

Price per tour: € 120

Auditorium of Staatsoperette Dresden - picture Michael Schmidt (DML BY)

Tinkerer & Smart Minds:

Concerning the Dresden theme of 2018 'Moving Traditions' we offer a guided tour about local inventions and discoveries. Based on the former powerstation ’Kraftwerk Mitte’ our Concierge Ulrike Beyrich shows how energy supply progressively worked in the 19. century in Dresden.

Price per tour: € 120

Frauenkirche Dresden

Time change and change of time:

Learn a lot about Dresden from the bombing in 1945 to the peaceful revolution in 1990 during this interesting 2 h tour. Our Concierge Ulrike Beyrich invites you to an exploration tour through the youngest period of the German history as well as the history of Dresden.

Price per tour: € 110


Historic tour through our baroque quarter:

Together with our Concierge Ulrike Beyrich you learn about the „Neue Königsstadt“ (new king-town) from old Dresden to the new town of today during a 2 hour tour. Peek into unexpectantly green courtyards, walk through hidden pathways and take an interested look at the baroque architecture and the mix with GDR buildings.

Price on Tour: € 100

Auf den Spuren von Erich Kästne

Literarily Dresden:

On the tracks of the writers Erich Kästner, Victor Klemperer or Wilhelm von Kügelgen together with our Concierge Ulrike Beyrich you explore Dresden from its literarily side. Learn about the sites of Kästners childhood or about Kügelgens youth, or look at the places Klemperer talks about in his diaries on this 2 hour tour.

Price on Tour: € 110


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