Lodging Tax

The city of Dresden imposes a lodging tax for all people who pay for private overnight accommodation in hotels. The lodging tax must be paid in the accommodation establishment no later than the last day of the stay, generally upon departure.

Dear guests, dear friends of our houses,

The city of Dresden has imposed a new lodging tax since January 1st 2019. All guests who spend the night in Dresden for private reasons are obligated to pay the lodging tax.

Tax amounts and its graduation:

The tax amount will be calculated based on the total amount bill (including value-added tax). When the total bill is shared by two or more guests, the total amount will be divided by the number of people who are sharing the total amount and the lodging tax will be paid individually.


With the following values for the basis of the assessment, the lodging tax shall be as follows:

The lodging tax depends on the amount spent on the individual overnight stay in the accommodation (including VAT). If several people pay a single (joint) room price, each guest shall be allotted an amount that corresponds to the division of this price by the number of guests accommodated. The lodging tax is 6 percent of the amount owed for the individual overnight stay, rounded to full euro cents.

The lodging tax must be paid in the accommodation establishment no later than the last day of the stay, generally  upon departure.



The hotel is basically obligated to demand the payment of the tax from all guests. The following exceptions can be made if it is certificated (documentary evidence is required) that the guest:

  • is a child up to the age of majority
  • is a severely disabled person with a degree of disability of 80% or more indicated in a corresponding disabled person’s pass
  • is a person accompanying severely disabled person with a code “B” indicated in their disabled person’s pass
  • is staying for professional, vocational or further educational reasons. (For employees an informal confirmation is required from the employer that includes: Name and address of employer, name and date of birth of each guest. Business owners or freelance individuals need a self-confirmation in an official form)

=> If you can prove to us in writing that you are travelling on business, this tax does not apply to you!

Even after the stay it is possible to request a refund for guests. At the reception we offer an information sheet to our guests with all the relevant details to the return policy.

Further detailled information