Body Treatments

Lean back and get rid of your daily stress through one of our self-caring treatments. 

Can it be a bit more? We offer relaxation completely adjusted to your needs. Forget your everyday life, while getting a massage on the Hydrojet or experience a small oriental journey. 

Rasul – Oriental steam bath ritual

Rasul | 1 person | approx. 35 min | € 48.00
Rasul | 2 people | approx. 35 min | € 68.00

In this traditional oriental care ceremony, you will apply various healing muds to your skin yourself. After they have slightly dried, the sediments are softened again in a steam bath, so that they can unfold their effect. Afterwards, you rub your body with sea salt. Old skin scales are removed, the subcutaneous tissue is strengthened and the metabolism is stimulated.


Hydrojet | approx. 20 min | € 14.00

Forget your everyday stress! Lie weightlessly on our waterbed and feel how your tensions slowly dissolve during the gentle massage by the hydrojet and the pleasant warmth.


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