Body Packs

The rich body packs help you to achieve a soft and smooth appearance of your skin. Especially in winter, your skin receives the necessary extra portion of moisture.

Let us pack you up! Wrapped in blood circulation-enhancing moor mud or moisturising creams, you will experience a health-promoting treatment full of relaxation. Body packs help to improve the appearance of the skin, release tension and stimulate the energy flow of your body.

Moor pack for the back

Moor pack | approx. 20 min | € 28.00

The warm moor pack stimulates blood circulation, loosens your back muscles and at the same time, serves as a perfect preparation for a massage.

Cream Pack

Cream Pack | approx. 50 min | € 70.00

The nourishing and moisturising cream pack gives you the feeling of velvety soft skin back. Afterwards, enjoy the relaxing massage where the pack is massaged into your skin. To achieve optimal success, we recommend you enjoy this treatment after a peeling.


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