Body scrubs

Treat yourself and your skin to what you deserve. Tune in to a velvety soft body feeling.

We are looking forward to tend to your skin to make it shining, beautiful and pore-deep pure. Our varied body peelings promote your blood circulation, tighten your skin and smell pleasantly. The result is a smooth, well cared for skin.

Salt and oil peeling

Salt and oil peeling | approx. 20 min | € 39.00

The peeling made of biologically degraded sea salt frees your skin from horny scales and stimulates your microcirculation. You will get a smooth, beautifully cared for skin.

Coffee or chocolate peeling

Coffee or chocolate peeling | approx. 30 min | € 49.00

Chocolate makes you happy. This also applies to the body peeling with real cocoa – it has a mood-lifting and harmonising effect. The invigorating coffee body peeling with ground coffee beans stimulates your blood circulation and tightens your skin. Choose one of the two body peeling massages and enjoy the pleasantly scented application.


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