Gentlemen Care

Men only: Your relaxing time begins now! Let yourself be pampered and enjoy various cosmetic treatments.

We are very pleased to welcome you, dear men, to the Palais SPA. We are happy to take care of your hands and feet, remove unwanted hairs from your back and chest or give you a special FreshnessKick.

Palais Gentlemen „Express“

Palais Gentlemen "Express" | approx. 35 min | € 50.00

A freshness kick for a perfectly groomed appearance in a short time.

Palais Gentlemen „Deluxe“

Palais Gentlemen "Deluxe" | approx. 60 min | € 94.00

The male skin demands special caring, which is specifically taken into account in this treatment. Our cleansing ritual creates pore-deep purity and pleasant freshness for your skin. Your eyebrows will – if desired – be perfectly shaped. During the subsequent head and face massage, paired with an active ingredient mask and a special serum, you will feel immediately revitalised. The concluding care makes you look radiant and well-groomed.


Let us advise you:

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