Leg & Foot Massages

Grant your tired legs something nice and give them an extra portion of attention. We woud be happy to take care of you!

Your feet carry you through your whole day. Give them something back and let yourself be pampered during a foot and leg massage. Not only will your muscles be loosened, but the feeling of "heavy" legs will also disappear. 

Coffee to go

Coffee to go | approx. 35 min | € 47.00

The intensely fragrant coffee bean oil stimulates the blood circulation in your legs, drains and decongests them. Antioxidants provide for a natural balance, so that nothing stands in the way of regeneration after a great strain, for example after a long flight.

Foot reflex zone treatment

Foot reflex zone treatment | approx. 50 min | € 67.00

Through gentle pressure and stroking, the stimulating foot treatment has a holistic effect on the organs, joints and spine, on the nervous system and hormones. A classic among massages!


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