Manicure and Pedicure

Care and shine for hands and feet - we perfectly accentuate both.

We are looking forward to take care of your hands and feet sustainably. Fingernails and toenails are great accessories to complement your look - discover our wide range of nail polish colours and treat yourself to a new coat of paint.

PalaisManicure - express

PalaisManicure | approx. 35 min | € 46.00

Enjoy our manicure treatment and let your hands look beautiful and well-groomed.

PalaisManicure – deluxe

PalaisManicure | approx. 50 min | € 68.00

Let your hands become an eye-catcher with our carefree manicure. A peeling will prepare your hands perfectly for the following nurturing treatment. At the end, your hands will be pampered with a gentle hand massage.

SPA pedicure - express

PalaisPedicure | approx. 35 min | € 46.00

Relax during a medical pedicure treatment with a vitalising foot bath and enjoy the feeling of perfectly groomed feet.

SPA pedicure – deluxe

PalaisPedicure | approx. 50 min | € 68.00

Experience the feeling of completely groomed feet. During a refreshing foot bath, we prepare your feet for the subsequent pedicure. To conclude the treatment, you will get a peeling and a relaxing foot massage. Your feet will feel good and carry you through life more easily again.

Upgrades for all mani- an pedicure applications – your treatment can be extended by the following components:

Classic lacquer | € 12.00
Small foot massage | approx. 15 min | € 25.00


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