Let go, free yourself from everyday life and find inner peace. Spoil your body, your spirit and your soul with one of our massages.

Just relax! Enjoy one of our numerous wellness massages at our Palais SPA. Our therapists look forward to freeing you from everyday stress and making your wishes come true.

Each on their own but together at the same time – you may enjoy many of our massages with another person in our special Couples Suite.

Part & Full Body Massages

Full body massage in the Palais SPA_Hotel Buelow Palais - Photo Thiel PR


Classic massages

Classic partial body massage | approx. 25 min | € 41.00
Classic full body massage | approx. 50 min | € 74.00
Classic full body massage | approx. 75 min | € 109.00
as pair treatment | approx. 50 min | € 140.00
as pair treatment | approx. 75 min | € 208.00

Trained hands and the perfect empathy of our therapists improve the blood circulation of your tissues, loosen your muscles and thus relieve tension and ensure a pleasant feeling of well-being.



approx. 50 min | € 78.00
as pair treatment | apporx. 50 min | € 148.00

Relax during a gentle body massage and enjoy our luxurious care products. Our therapists adjust their use individually to your needs.


approx. 50 min | € 85.00
as pair treatment | approx. 50 min | € 154.00

This massage is a very special experience: hot and cold stones promise relaxation for the muscles and stimulation for the senses. Due to the different temperatures, even the smallest muscles can contract or stretch, so that tension can be relieved. Precious oils caress your body and increase the effect and pleasure of the treatment.


approx. 50 min | € 78.00

Experience the soothing effect of the combination of partial body massage and foot reflexology treatment or activating foot massage.


approx. 25 min | € 73.00

The treatment combines massages for the face, head and neck. It relaxes your facial features, relieves the tension in your shoulders and frees your head from everyday stress.

Pregnancy Massage „Mama SPA“

approx. 25 min | € 43.00
approx. 50 min | € 78.00

A pleasant and gentle massage that welcomes physical changes and alleviates possible pregnancy problems. Concentrate on the happy time of pregnancy and experience a blessing for body and soul for you and your baby.

Deep Tissue Massage

approx. 25 min | € 47.00
approx. 50 min | € 85.00

A vibrant massage with strong pressure. Using various techniques, stretching and joint mobilisation, your deep tissue is reached and relaxed. Chronic muscle tension can be released and overstrained muscles can be compensated.

Lomi Lomi

approx. 75 min | € 118.00

The Hawaiian pampering massage lets you drift off into the distance. Hawaiian sounds and widespread massage movements with warm coconut oil accompany this deep ritual, which originally served as preparation for important events. Muscles and joints are included in this massage. The free energy flow - created by releasing blockages - leads to balance and satisfaction.


approx. 75 min | € 118.00

This soothing and gentle full-body oil massage has a strengthening and relaxing effect. Warm sesame oil and a sequence of massage strokes, which are handed down over thousands of years, will relax you deeply.

Hot Stone Massage

Hot Stone Back Massage | approx. 30 min | € 54.00
Hot Stone Massage | approx. 75 min | € 118.00

The use of hot stones relaxes and calms the body from day-to-day stress. Blood circulation is increased, tensions are loosened and the inner mobility of your body is stimulated by the heat-storing stones. The treatment ensures a general feeling of well-being.


Leg and foot massages

Foot massage in the Palais SPA_Hotel Buelow Palais - Photo Thiel PR


Coffee to go

approx. 35 min | € 47.00

The intensely fragrant coffee bean oil stimulates the blood circulation in your legs, drains and decongests them. Antioxidants provide for a natural balance, so that nothing stands in the way of regeneration after a great strain, for example after a long flight.

Foot reflex zone treatment

approx. 50 min | € 67.00

Through gentle pressure and stroking, the stimulating foot treatment has a holistic effect on the organs, joints and spine, on the nervous system and hormones. A classic among massages!


Massage in the Palais SPA_Hotel Buelow Palais_Photo Thiel PR


Individual Treatment

approx. 50 min | € 85.00
approx. 80 min | € 108.00
approx. 110 min | € 130.00

Coordinate your treatment together with your therapist and enjoy a unique and individual treatment. Our knowledge and the effect of the exquisite active ingredients of our care products, form the basis of your very personal pampering time.


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