Women Care

Be inspired by a relaxing facial treatment and feel all-around confortable in your body. 

Lean back and experience a vitalising and caring facial treatment that will give you the necessary moisture and don't worry about disturbing hair.


Rebalance "Detox" Massage

Rebalance "Detox" Massage | approx. 15 min | from € 25.00

This facial massage loosens deposits in the tissue and vessels of your skin. Due to a special serum, your facial skin will be detoxified, and the lymphatic system will be boosted. Get your glow back in no time!

Palais Basic Care

Palais Basic Care | approx. 50 min | from € 86.00

In order to do justice to the uniqueness of your skin, preparative and apparative applications are combined according to the condition of your skin and your wishes. You are welcome to have a look at our upgrades. Our cleansing ritual creates deep-pore purity and pleasant freshness for your skin. A facial massage paired with an active ingredient mask and a special serum followed by a final treatment, forms this nurturing experience.

Palais Microdermabrasion Care

Palais Microdermabrasion Care | approx. 80 min | from € 109.00

The basis of this treatment is microdermabrasion. In this process the skin is freed from cornification. Subsequent active ingredients can now penetrate particularly deeply into your skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and their structure is optimized. The grand finale is an intensively caring active ingredient mask, a special serum, as well as a care product tailored to your skin type.

Palais Sensitive Care

Palais Sensitive Care | approx. 80 min | from € 109.00

This facial treatment is tailored to the needs of skin that is vascular unstable. The special care products are particularly skin-friendly and designed to prevent Couperose and to rebuild the disturbed protective function of the skin barrier. Skin moisture is increased, the metabolism is regulated and the vessels are strengthened.

Palais Deluxe Care

Palais Deluxe Care | approx. 110 min | from € 142.00

This treatment leaves nothing to be desired. You and your skin will be pampered according to all rules of cosmetics. An integral part of this facial treatment is our cleansing ritual, a microdermabrasion, two special serums, an active ingredient mask, shaping of the eyebrows if desired, an extensive facial massage, a hand or head massage, as well as a final treatment tailored to your skin type.

Palais Hydration Care

Palais Hydration Care | approx. 110 min | from € 152.00

This hydrating facial treatment is specially designed for dehydrated skin. The innovative care gives your skin an immediate feeling of freshness and firmness. After comprehensive cleansing, special active ingredients with moisturising components ensure immediate hydration. Your water depots are replenished and the skin is purified.

Individual Treatment

Individual Treatment | approx. 50 min | € 94.00
Individual Treatment | approx. 80 min | € 119.00
Individual Treatment | approx. 110 min | € 142.00

Just as individual and special as every human being, is our skin and our own demands on it. You choose your desired time and the further course of treatment is determined in a personal conversation with our therapists, according to your wishes.

Upgrades – Your facial treatment can be supplemented with the following treatments:

Microdermabrasion | approx. 20 min | € 25.00
Ultrasound | approx. 10 min | € 12.00
Rebalance „Detox“ Massage | approx. 15 min | € 25.00
Collagen fleece | approx. 20 min | € 28.00
Circulation phase | approx. 15 min | € 15.00
Vitalizing eye pack | approx. 10 min | € 14.00
Eyebrow correction | approx. 10 min | from € 12.00
Eyebrow tinting | approx. 10 min | € 12.00
Eyelash tinting | approx. 10 min | € 14.00
Eyelash and eyebrow tinting | approx. 20 min | € 20.00


Depilation face | approx. 10 min | from € 12.00
Depilation armpits or bikini zone | approx. 15 min | from € 22.00
Depilation ankle to knee | approx. 20 min | from € 34.00
Depilation whole leg | approx. 40 min | from € 52.00
Depilation back or breast | approx. 25 min | € 34.00


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