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19.01.2022 — 22.01.2022

Eat & Drink

Culinary highlights in the Baroque Quarter of Dresden

Two restaurants become one: It will be called Caroussel Nouvelle. We are bringing together the urban casualness of our bistro with the culinary finesse of our fine dining restaurant. Guests can now choose between menus of upscale cuisine or classics of bistro cuisine, depending on their mood and the occasion.
Casual fine dinging at it's best!

Opening hours of Caroussel Nouvelle

Daily open from 12 noon to 2 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm

Our guests can choose between gourmet menus or bistro classics, depending on their mood and the occasion.

In accordance with our Bülow hygiene concept, we ask our guests to implement the following guidelines together with the Bülow team for the health of all:

  • Obligation to present proof of vaccination or recovery and a daily negative test (tests are chargeable at the reception)
  • Contact registration becomes obligatory for all non-hotel guests
  • An FFP2 mask must be worn in all rooms accessible to the public
  • Daily open from 12 noon to 2 pm and 6 pm to 10 pm (with our Classics Menu, Tuesdays to Saturdays from 6 to 10 pm with our Gourmet Menu)
  • Kitchen closing time 9.30 pm



Caroussel Nouvelle

Bistro meets haute cuisine: Our hotel restaurant dares to relaunch and returns from the lockdown with a new chef, new name and new concept.
Daily open from 12 to 2 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm.

Our guests can choose between gourmet menus or bistro classics, depending on their mood and the occasion.

In accordance with our Bülow hygiene concept, we ask our guests to implement the following guidelines together with the Bülow team for the health of all:


Classics Menu

Valid daily from 12 noon to 2 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm

Homemade salmon, whipped lime crème fraîche, herb oil, potato rösti
€ 19
Vitello tonnato 'Bülow Style'
€ 22
Caesar salad, chicken breast, croutons, parmesan cheese
€ 19

Oyster soup, backed oyster, passepierre algae
€ 14
Pumpkin-ginger soup, goat cheese, orange
€ 12

Main course
Wiener schnitzel, potato cucumber salad
€ 28
Fried fillet of golden trout (Forellenhof Ermisch), beetroot-cannelloni, walnut, horseradish foam
€ 26
Teres mayor steak of US beef, Brussels sprouts, potato gratin
€ 32
Pretzel-dumpling, comté cheese, apple, mushrooms
€ 24

Sorbet variation, fresh fruit
€ 14
Wild berry crème brûlée, tonka bean ice cream, hazelnut
€ 12
Mixed cheese platter, fruit chutney
€ 14

Gourmet Menu

Valid from Tuesday to Saturday between 6 to 10 pm

As 4 course menu € 94 | as 5 course menu € 110

Gourmet Menu
Bresse poultry liver-terrine, fig & andaliman pepper
€ 26
Lobster soup, yellow curry, sugar snap & lime leave
€ 18
Red mullet, fennel, mussel, chorizo & dill
€ 28
Lamb, bean, chickpea & cumin
€ 40
Buttermilk, cucumber & blackberry
€ 17



Vegetarian Gourmet Menu
Tomato, fennel, pear & walnut
€ 23
Fermented soup of jerusalem artichoke, smoked almond & marjoram
€ 17
Porcini mushroom, wild broccoli, blueberry and buckwheat
€ 28
Cauliflower, young garlic, parsley & redcurrant
€ 34
Dark chocolate, pineapple & shiso
€ 17


Our New Concept

Our Michelin-awarded restaurant Caroussel is a legend. It was one of the first restaurants in Saxony to be awarded with one star by the Michelin Guide in the 1990s, and it is one of the few that have been able to defend the award without interruption ever since.

An important change is planned in the form of a merger with our Bülows Bistro. It is a daring step, because it means nothing less than the abolition of the traditional boundary between haute cuisine and bistro cuisine. In future, guests will be able to decide at the table how exclusive the evening should be, depending on their mood and the occasion.

The urban casualness of our bistro is brought together with the culinary finesse of our fine-dining restaurant. Authentic, relaxed, cosmopolitan: this is how the new Caroussel is meant to be and stand for the upscale cuisine of the 21st century.

Restaurant Caroussel Nouvelle

The influence of French haute cuisine remains unmistakable, but it is becoming more international. Seasonal and regional delights are complemented with specialities from the world's traditional cuisines. A new clarity is sought: fewer different, but larger components per course. In this way, the individual ingredients are to be shown to better advantage.

The fundamental reorganisation of our restaurant is also reflected in the name, which has been given the addition "Nouvelle". As before, the Caroussel Nouvelle uses the winter garden and now a part of the previous bistro, the "gallery". Both bear the signature of the Swiss star designer Carlo Rampazzi and display contemporary art.

Responsibility for the culinary design of the gastronomic concept lies in the hands of the new head chef Sven Vogel, a long-time companion of the previous star chef Benjamin Biedlingmaier, who is taking over his parents' business back home.

The rest of the Caroussel Nouvelle team is also recruited from the experienced protagonists of the previous two restaurants: Sebastian Bellmann and Kerstin Nowak become the two Sous Chefs. Jana Schellenberg remains Sommelière and is the Hostess in the restaurant.

Opening Hours:

Daily open from 12 noon to 2 pm and from 6 pm to 10 pm / Kitchen closing time 9.30 pm

Our a la carte menu is created for up to 10 people. For group reservations we suggest that you coordinate a unique menu with us in advance.

We recommend to make early reservations for dinner.
+49 (0)351 8003-140



Every good morning starts with a good breakfast!

Good Morning!

Gourmet breakfast daily Dresden best rated delicious Foto Thiel PRBreakfast Specialities Green Salon Hotel Breakfast Fruit Breakfast Hotel breakfast fresh daily 5 stars

The first meal of the day is the most important. And Katrin Kaiser, our Breakfast Manager at the Bülow Palais, along with her team, does everything to ensure it is also the most special and at least of an equal quality to the star cuisine each evening in the same place.

Kitchen and service team work together in this as a well-versed unit. Wholefoods Chef Kerstin Nowak is the creative craft behind the scenes. Her inventiveness is the driving force behind the continuous metamorphosis of the buffet, which offers new delicacies every day.

The gourmet breakfast at the Bülow Palais has become something of an institution. Fruit fillets and freshly-pressed fruit juices, home-made creations with curd cheese, salads, preserves and mueslis, egg specialities prepared to order as well as several richly-varied cheese platters, cold cuts, fine teas, coffees and fresh rolls every day.

Here are the Bülow’s breakfast bliss in facts and figures:

  • 3:30 am when Breakfast Manager Katrin Kaiser wakes up each day.
  • 8.50 meters the length of the breakfast buffet bar.
  • 60 minutes the minimum time you need to try everything. 
  • 8 litres the average amount of coffee consumed.
  • Darjeeling currently the most popular tea at breakfast time.
  • Scrambled eggs with ham the most popular egg speciality.
  • Strawberry the most popular variety of jam.
  • 22 different sausages and cold meats are available every day.
  • 18 different cheeses and cheese creations are also available.
  • 180 orange segments are skinned each day on average.
  • 70 oranges are pressed to make juice each day on average.
  • 800 guests (approx.) take breakfast in bed each year.


Opening hours:

6.30 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday to Friday

6.30 a.m. to 12 p.m. on weekend and public holiday

Price per person:

€ 30

Children until the age of 12 enjoy their breakfast free of charge.

Even external guests and locals are always welcome for breakfast.


We ask for reservation in advance:

+49 (0)351 8003-140


Palais Bar

Big night out or relaxed end of the day at Palais Bar in Dresden

Palais Bar Dresden

Big night out or relaxed end of the day – the Palais Bar makes it possible. The bar is connected to Caroussel Nouvelle restaurant. Classic cocktails and an impressive selection of German quality wines are on offer.

The new design of the chairs is a stroke of genius. The bold combination of baroque form and luminous colour is quotation and original, historicism and avant-garde, maximalism and minimalism at the same time. Typical Carlo Rampazzi. It is the work of an artist whose creativity is not restricted by trends or conventions. The Bülow Palais owes its unique style to the star designer from Ticino - in the lobby, the winter garden and the bar area.

Opening Hours:

Daily from 5 p.m.
Our restaurant reopens on 4 June.



Cigar Lounge

A special delight for the Cigar fancier

Cigar Lounge im Bülow Palais Dresden
An assortment of 30 cigars is waiting for you in the Cigar Lounge, along with an exquisite selection of premium spirits, fine cognacs and whiskies.

The lounge is designed in an English Club style. Take in the opulent detail of the ceiling panel, which is made of real cigar leaves - impressive club tables echo this motif.

Opening hours: daily from 11.30 a.m.