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5-star superior hotel Bülow Palais in Dresden

It is a great pleasure for us to welcome you to the 5-star superior Hotel Bülow Palais in Dresden. We look forward to making your stay as enjoyable as possible. Dresden is a charming fusion of tradition and modernity, and so, too, is our hotel – the Bülow Palais Dresden, at the heart of the fascinating Baroque quarter.



Attentive service to make guests feel at home, tailored to their very individual needs – from offering advice during the reservation process to compiling a personalised program of cultural events.

Your Personal Picnic Basket

Your personal picnic basket - a service of Bülow Palais Dresden

Enjoying al fresco dining doesn't necessarily mean eating on the garden patio or outdoors at a restaurant. We have a very special way of making your picnic dreams come true! We can now provide guests with an exclusive picnic basket filled with delicious treats from Head chef Sven Vogel of the Caroussel Nouvelle restaurant. With matching blanket in tow, you can indulge in a gourmet dining experience of another kind just 5 minute stroll away on the banks of the Elbe, with a view of the skyline of the historic Old Town.

Picnic basket 'Comfort’

For € 35 per person including:

  • Small selection of bread
  • 2 kinds of ham & cheese selections
  • Antipasti & vegetable salad
  • Fruits & bite-sized vegetable sticks with dip
  • Cold schnitzel or meat rolls
  • Small cake from our own pâtisserie
  • Non – alcoholic beverages
  • 1 bottle of Prosecco

Picnic basket 'Deluxe’

For € 50 per person including:

  • Small selection of bread
  • 2 kinds of ham & cheese selections
  • Antipasti & vegetable salad
  • Fruits & bite-sized vegetable sticks with dip
  • Marinated & smoked salmon
  • Cold schnitzel or meat rolls
  • 3 kinds of gourmet finger food
  • Small cake from our own pâtisserie
  • Non – alcoholic beverages
  • 1 bottle of local sparkling wine

Additional booking:

  • Homemade pralines for € 3 per piece
  • Marinated salmon for € 10 per 100 g
  • Caviar for € 69 per 30 g
  • Wine from € 33 per 0.75 l
  • Champagne from € 85 per 0.75 l

Deposit per picnic basket € 50

For optimal preparation, a timely advance order is desirable; at least 24 hours in advance. When ordering a picnic basket, we always ask for an advance payment including the deposit. The basket will be returned as soon as possible - but no later than the next day. If the basket is returned undamaged, you will receive your deposit back immediately.

Guided Tour – our diverse range of additional events

Zwinger in Dresden

Drawing on the experience of our Concierge and Martina Fröhlich, Executive PA will be happy to arrange a private tour for you − allowing you to discover the many other wonderful sides that Dresden has to offer and to make your stay even more memorable.

All city tours

Flower Service

Flower service

Would you like a bouquet of lovingly selected flowers in your room? Or a bunch of roses to adorn your breakfast table on the morning of your anniversary? We will take care of it.


Dogs are welcome at Bülow Palais Dresden

A warm welcome awaits your four-footed friend in our hotel. It goes without saying that a dog set up with water bowl and welcome snack is available upon request. We can also organise a dog-sitter, an appointment at the dog parlour, or with the vet, if required.

To cover the costs of special, additional cleaning of the bedroom, we charge a rate of € 35 per night for a pet.

Shuttle Service

Shuttle service at Bülow Palais Dresden

To the Semper Opera, to a business date or to the airport: Shuttle services with a first-class chauffeur are tailored to your individual needs to make sure you get there safely and relaxed.



Direct contact

Contact information of your partners at the Hotel Bülow Palais

Königstraße 14
01097 Dresden

+49 (0)351 80030
+49 (0)351 8003100

General Manager

Ralf J. Kutzner - Foto Guido Werner

Ralf J. Kutzner
+49 (351) 800 30

Vice Manager

Martina Fröhlich - Foto Sebastian Wolff

Martina Fröhlich
+49 (351) 800 31 48

Head Chef

Sven Vogel - Foto Sebastian Wolff

Sven Vogel
+49 (351) 800 31 72

Head of Breakfast & Sous Chef

Kerstin Nowak - Foto Sebastian Wolff

Kerstin Nowak
+49 (351) 800 31 72

Sous Chef

Sebastian Bellmann - Foto Sebastian Wolff

Sebastian Bellmann
+49 (351) 800 31 72

Head of Restaurant

Dennis Gläßer - Foto Leo Ulbricht

Dennis Gläßer
+49 (351) 800 31 40

Assistant Head of Restaurant

Benyamin Brückl - Foto Leo Ulbricht

Benyamin Brückl
+49 (351) 800 31 40

Head of Breakfast Service

Katrin Kaiser - Foto Sebastian Wolff

Katrin Kaiser
+49 (351) 800 31 40

Head of Reception & Concierge

Cornelia König - Foto Leo Ulbricht

Cornelia König
+49 (351) 800 31 42

Assistant Head of Reception

Fabrizio L. Ulbricht - Foto Jutta Rönsch

Fabrizio L. Ulbricht
+49 (351) 800 31 42

Head of Reservation

Susann Hegewald - Foto Sebastian Wolff

Susann Hegewald
+49 (351) 800 32 08

Head of Housekeeping

Melanie Kambach - Foto Sebastian Wolff

Melanie Kambach
+49 (351) 800 31 76

Event Manager

Ulrike Beyrich - Foto Leo Ulbricht

Ulrike Beyrich
+49 (351) 800 31 49

Marketing Manager

Jutta Rönsch - Foto Sebastian Wolff

Jutta Rönsch
+49 (351) 800 32 17

Sales Manager

Eva Guggenmos - Foto Sebastian Wolff

Eva Guggenmos
+49 (351) 800 32 13

Accounting Manager

Christiane Bracklow - Foto Sebastian Wolff

Christiane Bracklow
+49 (351) 800 32 00

Head of Facility Management

Uwe Meixner - Foto Sebastian Wolff

Uwe Meixner
+49 (351) 800 31 77


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Baroque with a modern twist – a symbiosis of modern art and precious antiques.

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Location, Arrival & Parking

How to get to the Bülow Palais in Dresden

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Our 5-star superior hotel is located at the heart of the city of Dresden. You can enjoy the perfect tranquillity of Dresden's historic Baroque quarter, yet only be a few minutes' walk away from the city's attractions, such as the Semper Opera House, Zwinger Palace, Royal Palace and the Frauenkirche church. The nearby river banks of the Elbe are perfect for a stroll, and the happenings in Outer New Town  are also on the doorstep.

Your Journey

Directions sketch Hotel Bülow Palais Dresden
  • Freeway: well-developed motorways connecting Dresden with Prague, Berlin, Munich and Frankfurt lead right into the city centre
  • By train (Deutsche Bahn): the nearest station, Dresden – Neustadt, is approximately 600 metres from the hotel
  • Airport: Dresden International Airport

Interactive Map


Our two-level underground car park provides 50 secure parking spaces for both hotel guests and locals. We would be delighted to park your car for you and take care of your luggage on arrival and departure.

Would you like to have your car washed and the tank filled? Just let us know – our Page will be pleased to accommodate your wishes.

Two charging stations are available for e-cars.

Parking Fee:

  • 1st hour: € 1
  • Every additional hour: € 1.50
  • Day pass: € 20


Here you find detailled reviews and recommendation of our 5-star hotel Bülow Palais.

We are constantly striving to maintain and further improve the quality of our standards and service. Our aim is to continuously deliver honest hospitality and highest levels of comfort; hence all remarks and observations are extremely helpful to us.

Yours sincerely - the Bülow team

Guests Comments


awards and news

Rust, November 2022

Bülow Palais voted best culinary hotel in East Germany

Außenansicht - Buelow Palais

The Institute for Service and Leadership Excellence has published their ranking "The 101 Best Hotels in Germany" again, for which more than 11,000 hotels were evaluated nationwide. Our Bülow Palais has once again been ranked amidst the Top 10 in the category "Culinary Hotels" – and it reached top place of the pleasure addresses in the East of the country. The jury was especially impressed by the performance of the young chef Sven Vogel.

Donaueschingen, October 2022

For the first time: Sven Vogel is a TOP50 chef!

Sven Vogel 2022 Foto: BrauerPhotos J. Reetz

Head Chef Sven Vogel was voted one of Germany's TOP50 chefs for the first time. The award recognises personalities who, with their restaurants, create valuable public living rooms and thus places of communication, enjoyment and togetherness. In addition to the Schlemmer Atlas rating, the award is also based on the innovative capacity and sustainability of the gastronomy.

London, August 2022

Rank 5 of the Top 25 luxury hotels in Germany

Doppelzimmer Deluxe in Buelow Palais - Foto Klaus Lorke

Our Bülow Palais was awarded the Travelers' Choice Best of the Best in the Luxury Hotels category by Tripadvisor - Tripadvisor's highest award. It takes into account the quality and quantity of traveller reviews and lists the best accommodations based on reviews and opinions collected from travellers around the world over a 12-month period on Tripadvisor. The winners of the Travelers' Choice Best of the Best award are among the top 1% of entries on Tripadvisor.

Vienna, July 2022

2nd place among the best city hotels

2. Platz CC_Stadthotels Deutschlands_Hotel Bülow Palais

Connoisseur Circle, TrustYou and a public vote have chosen the best among the best in 11 categories and 2 special categories and the award "Excellent Host". In the category "City Hotels" we reached 2nd place and could even improve by one rank compared to the previous year. The rating is the only one that evaluates hotels in the luxury segment across the four countries Austria, Germany, Switzerland and South Tyrol in a standardised way and is thus an established yardstick and guide for guests in the German-speaking region.

Frankfurt, May 2022

TOP50 Hotelier 2022

Top50 Hoteliers - Ralf J. Kutzner - Foto - Busche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH

For the 13th time, our hotel director Ralf J. Kutzner was awarded the prestigious Schlummer Atlas Award TOP50. The Busche Verlangsgesellschaft presents the personal award on the basis of the Schlummer Atlas rating, as well as taking into account the aspects of exemplary character, team and innovation skills, sense of responsibility and regional importance.

Bad Honnef, November 2021

Bülow Palais voted best hotel in Saxony

Außenansicht - Buelow Palais

The Institute for Service and Leadership Excellence has published their ranking "The 101 Best Hotels in Germany" again, for which more than 11,000 hotels were evaluated nationwide. Our Bülow Palais is the best-ranked hotel in Saxony. In the national competition, we were voted 11th place, and in the category "Culinary Hotels" we even ranked third. We convinced the jury above all with our culinary concept in the Caroussel Nouvelle restaurant and the philosophy of the hotel.

Dresden, July 2021

Bülow Palais Dresden has once again been given the Five Star Superior rating

Hoteldirektor des Bülow Palais Ralf J. Kutzner (li.) und Axel Klein, Hauptgeschäftsführer des DEHOGA Sachsen, Foto THIEL PR

The hotel and restaurant association DEHOGA Saxony has once again awarded our Relais & Châteaux Hotel Bülow Palais in Dresden's Baroque Quarter the rating "Five Stars Superior". The hotel, which opened in 2010, consequently maintains its place among the top hotels in Germany.

Dresden, March 2021

New chef, new name, new concept:
Caroussel about to relaunch

Sven Vogel and Jana Schellenberg - Caroussel Nouvelle - Foto Sebastian Thiel

Our previous bistro merges with our fine dining restaurant. The new restaurant concept is called Caroussel Nouvelle. Seasonal delights are complemented with specialities from the traditional cuisines of the world. Meissen porcelain, exciting wines and urban nonchalance lift the traditional restaurant boundaries. Responsible for this is the new head chef Sven Vogel, Hostess and Sommelière remains Jana Schellenberg.

Dallas, February 2021

Highest guest ratings bring another award in 2021

Hotel Buelow Palais - Loved by Guests 2021 -Most Wanted- Award

One of the biggest online travel agencies™ has chosen the 'Loved by Guests 2021 Most Wanted' Awards. These awards are given exclusively to properties with the highest guest review scores in the world. We are delighted to once again be the highest rated hotel in Dresden. The award shows that our guests feel truly pampered and valued.

Amsterdam, January 2021

Bülow Palais honored with the Traveller Review Award 2021

Zimmeransicht - Buelow Palais

Among many other challenges, 2020 was a year without much opportunity for travel. For this very reason, the trips our guests were able to take were of special significance. We thank our guests so much for the wonderful reviews. This award shows their appreciation for our work.


Hotel video

Enjoy a discovery tour through the hotel, have a look behind the scenes and get familiar with the Bülow team!



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A good cooperation with our partners is the base for our success.

Through its membership, the Bülow Palais features collaborations with renowned partners in the hotel and gastronomy.

Relais & Châteaux

Relais & Châteaux

All around the world, unique in the world

Relais & Châteaux
Relais & Châteaux Hotels of Germany

Feine Privathotels

Feine Privathotels

A passion of culture and enjoyment of life
Feine Privathotels

Jeunes Restaurateurs D´Europe

Jeunes Restaurateurs D´Europe

Never-ending Passion, Europe's young best chefs
Jeunes Restaurateurs d’Europe – Section Germany

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

Chaîne des Rôtisseurs

The "spirit" of the Society with appreciating and enjoying wine and fine dining
Chaîne des Rôtisseurs


Bülow Hygiene Concept

Precautions & Information for protection against reinfection with the coronavirus

Dear guests,

In order to offer you and our employees the best possible protection and the greatest possible safety, we have developed the Bülow hygiene concept.

From 3 April 2022, these Corona regulations will apply in hotels and restaurants in Saxony:
To present a proof of vaccination or recovery or a negative test will be dropped. There is no longer a mask required.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Your host Ralf J. Kutzner & the Bülow Team




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